How Has Social Media Redefined the Role of Advertising Agencies With Their Clients?

In today’s modern world when firms are struggling to find proper exposure to expand their services, Social Advertising or marketing is slowly becoming more of a norm. Social media websites like Facebook and twitter have created a global platform for companies to establish a cordial relationship with mass audience. Social media audiences grow rapidly due to the platform and it is because of the same fact more and more companies are tuning into social media advertising daily. Optimum exposure to social media community can work wonders for a firm in terms of services and product exposure. Some of the popular benefits of social media marketing include:

This type of advertising has an advantage and disadvantage. It is beneficial in a way that it can easily sell your things exclusively for closed groups of friends. It is effective once your friend purchase something and you can directly see in your news feed about the purchase he made. However, it can be disadvantageous since it can affect persona relationships in case there are conflicts or problems that happen on the business transaction.

First and foremost, the Internet never sleeps, and that means social media never, ever stops. With traditional marketing (print advertising, billboards, radio and TV commercials, flyers, mailers, etc.), advertising agencies could serve the needs of their clients during the workweek. True, ad executives are notorious for working around the clock, but the actual needs of the clients, prior to social media, were actually delivered upon during the workday. With social media, there is a 24/7/365 conversation happening, and it’s the advertising agency’s job to monitor, shape, participate in, and encourage that conversation when it pertains to a client’s business.

One must be cautious when picking social media analysis tools. With today's increasing use of social media there are more tools in the market. You must be able to find one that provides you with what you need. Sento is one such app in the market right now. You can get your social media analysis which will provide better insight into the minds of consumers. This is one way you can get an advantage over your competitors. Understanding what potential consumers want will help you create better products and services.